Colour Forecast: Key Trends for 2015

TREND 1: Embrace the Australian landscape
Wildland, the first of the four colour palettes, was a creative collaboration with Edwards Moore. It showcases colours from across the spectrum of the Australian landscape, from the arid deserts and wild bushland all the way to our icy peaks.




TREND 2: Regeneration
Silentshift, also created with Edwards Moore, focuses on relaxation and regenerating our energies. It features a range of soft mid-tones and revisits how colour was used in the 1980s.





TREND 3: 1980s bold colours
The Modhaus palette was created in collaboration with textile designers Bonnie and Neil. This palette took queues from ‘Memphis Design’ seen in the 1980s, which was a design movement where form didn’t always follow function and colour was eagerly explored in bold and exciting ways. Modhaus is all about exploring contrast, and bold and playful colour schemes; it gives us the opportunity to connect back to a time when there were less restrictions on creativity.





TREND 4: Nature
The final palette from the Bonnie and Neil collaboration is Earthwerks, which follows our society’s interest in reducing our impact environmentally. Dulux predicts this palette to be the most popular – pointing to the popularity of everything from gardening shows on TV to product design in Europe as evidence people are feeling the need to reconnect with nature on a personal level.



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